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"Until you’re ready to look foolish, you will never have the possibility of being great." Cher


Is This Really A Story About A Roundabout?  "YES Totally" 'Chicken Roundabout' or at least the one we are talking about on this website is situated on the boarder of Norfolk and Suffolk in the UK. Forming the intersection of the A143, Ditchingham Dam and the B1332 (Norwich Road), Grid refe...

Team New Rock

At the core of this amazing project are the people who make it happen.


With a team already spanning twelve different countries and five continents, our simple idea of bringing the global music industry together has quickly taken large strides, creating opportunities for UK musicians and music lovers to experience an international stage.

Join us at Team New Rock, and share your passions and enthusiasm within a supportive network - created to help all areas of the music industry to thrive.


About New Rock

New Rock is an innovative, artists-led, music management organisation, developed and operated for community benefit.


New Rock’s professional services support international and local artists’ work within the UK; as a non-profit organisation, New Rock then combines this income with its industry connections in order to invest directly in to community projects. With a growing global network, New Rock is proud to provide a structure and opportunities to passionate individuals who wish to share their vision, provoke thought, and bring enjoyment.


What We Do

New Rock is unique in the way that it balances commercial services and not-for-profit goals. Every element supports the others, offering one of the most integrated and complete approaches currently operating; whilst providing education, mentoring, broadcasting, management, logistics, recording, collaboration, shows, and festivals, all profits are placed straight back in to the New Rock project, ready for the next enthusiastic and passionate person to take center stage.


From first picking up an instrument to a global arena tour, New Rock has got you covered.